Unveil a Sculpted Jawline with Kybella at The Aesthetics Lounge and Spa Saint Joseph!

Introducing Kybella at The Aesthetics Lounge and Spa Saint Joseph: Reshape Your Jawline, Non-Surgically!

Welcome, Residents of Saint Joseph!

Desire a chiseled jawline without the knives and the downtime? We at The Aesthetics Lounge and Spa Saint Joseph have just the solution for you – introducing Kybella, the groundbreaking nonsurgical injection technique that targets and eradicates excess fat beneath your chin! Residing in the aesthetic heart of Saint Joseph, Michigan, we are thrilled to bring this revolutionary treatment to our valued clients.

Why Choose The Aesthetics Lounge and Spa Saint Joseph for Kybella?

Our esteemed spa is synonymous with excellence, innovation, and unparalleled patient care in Saint Joseph. Led by the experienced and Board Certified Physician Assistant, Melissa Kantor, our team of licensed professionals are adept at delivering outstanding results through a range of advanced aesthetic treatments. We focus on offering world-class services, ensuring that every client receives personalized, high-quality care.

How Does Kybella Work?

Kybella is a remarkable treatment that sculpts your jawline by destroying fat cells under the chin. This innovative procedure ensures that the treated fat cells cannot store or accumulate fat, giving you lasting results and the sharp jawline you’ve always desired. With Kybella, embrace the confidence that comes with a more refined profile.

Meet Our Expert Team:

At The Aesthetics Lounge and Spa Saint Joseph, every member of our team is dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty. Melissa Kantor, with her wealth of knowledge in aesthetic medicine, meticulously crafts treatment plans suited to each clients individual needs. Our Office Manager, Sarah Waters, and Licensed Aesthetician, Meagan Olson, synergize to make your experience with us smooth and transformative.

Our Array of Treatments:

Beyond Kybella, we offer a diverse array of treatments such as BBL Laser Treatment, Ultherapy, and Liquid Rhinoplasty, all aimed at addressing various aesthetic concerns. We take pride in devising treatment plans that resonate with your unique aesthetic goals, delivering satisfaction and optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kybella Treatment:

While some discomfort is normal, it is generally manageable, and many clients find the procedure tolerable.

The number of sessions varies, with most clients needing 2 to 4 treatments for optimal results.

Visible results can typically be seen after 2 to 4 treatments, spaced a month apart.

Minor swelling and bruising may occur post-treatment, but most clients return to their normal activities quickly.

Empower Yourself With a More Sculpted and Defined Jawline

At The Aesthetics Lounge and Spa Saint Joseph through our Kybella treatments. Our location in Saint Joseph, Michigan, allows local residents to easily access our top-notch aesthetic services. Don’t let the double chin keep you from experiencing your true beauty – allow our expert team to guide you through your transformation journey!

Ready to redefine your jawline? Book your Kybella treatment in Saint Joseph today and step into a world of refined elegance and unmatched confidence!

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