Discover the remarkable benefits-of BBL for radiant-skin

Achieve Flawless Skin with BBL Laser at The Aesthetics Lounge and Spa Saint Joseph!

Introducing Broad Band Laser at The Aesthetics Lounge and Spa Saint Joseph: Your Gateway to Perfect Skin!

Hello, Residents of Saint Joseph!

Is uneven skin tone, pigmentation, or age spots keeping you from revealing your true beauty? We at The Aesthetics Lounge and Spa Saint Joseph, are thrilled to introduce Broad Band Laser (BBL) treatments – the ultimate solution for a flawless skin tone! Situated in the heart of our beautiful city, we bring the pinnacle of aesthetic treatments to cater to your every beauty need.

Why Choose Us for Your BBL Laser Treatment?

We stand as a beacon of excellence and innovation in aesthetic medicine in Saint Joseph, Michigan. Our highly qualified and dedicated team, led by Melissa Kantor PA-C, a Board Certified Physician Assistant, is committed to providing unparalleled care and precision in every treatment. Our licensed professionals specialize in advanced treatments to ensure amazing results every time. So, why settle for less when you have the industry-leading medical spa right here in Saint Joseph?

The Magic Behind BBL Laser Treatment:

BBL Laser treatment is your ticket to saying goodbye to pigmentation, dark spots, and age spots. Don’t fret if you notice the spots appearing darker post-treatment. It’s merely the magic of BBL working its way to gift you clearer, brighter skin. These spots will naturally fall off, unveiling the radiant beauty underneath.

What Sets Our Team Apart?

At The Aesthetics Lounge and Spa Saint Joseph, our exceptional team is wholeheartedly dedicated to enhancing your beauty. With Melissa Kantor's wealth of experience in aesthetic medicine, she artfully crafts treatments tailored to your unique needs. Sarah Waters, our skilled Office Manager, and Meagan Olson, our talented Licensed Aesthetician, collaborate seamlessly to ensure your journey with us is not only comfortable, but also incredibly rewarding. Come experience true indulgence with us! 😊

Comprehensive Treatment Range:

Apart from our revolutionary BBL Laser Treatment, we host a wide array of exclusive treatments like Liquid Rhinoplasty, Chemical Peels, Ultherapy, and much more. We believe in crafting personalized treatment plans that resonate with your unique beauty goals, ensuring utmost satisfaction and optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions about BBL Laser Treatment

Most clients experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. It’s often compared to a rubber band snap against the skin.

The number of sessions varies based on individual skin conditions and desired outcomes, usually ranging between 3 to 5 sessions.

There is minimal to no downtime. Clients can typically return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure.

The results can be long-lasting, especially with proper skincare and sun protection.

Embark on your journey towards flawless skin with The Aesthetics Lounge and Spa Saint Joseph.

Our revolutionary BBL Laser Treatment is your passport to bid adieu to all skin imperfections and embrace your radiant self. Located conveniently for all the residents of Saint Joseph, we invite you to experience unparalleled aesthetic treatments under the meticulous care of our esteemed team.

Discover your true beauty and unveil your rejuvenated self with the best BBL Laser Treatment in Saint Joseph! Schedule your appointment today and step into a world where your beauty knows no bounds!

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